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My life, according to me

well, im 16, i live in canada, and my life is VERY complicated. I like to write, but my thoughts come out of my head to fast for me to write them down, otherwise, I'd keep a regular journal. No one I know has this address, so I tell it like it is... no holding back. Hmmm i guess this is my life, eh?

Monday, July 24, 2006

he read my journal!

OMG my life... my life... my life! what am i going to do? Of course you're confused. Don't worry, i'll fill you in. Okay. Different boy- not new, just different. His name hmmmmm not important. Anyway. Last night we were talking on msn, only, we never stopped unti this morning- i know, what could two people POSSIBLY have to say to eachother that takes 12 hours? I don't know. We talked about everything- we don't know eachother well, so, it worked out fine. He's soooo cute. shhh. moving on... any way, the other jon guy, total jack ass. He's not quite over his ex girlfriend i don't think. But this new guy.... hee hee hee. SO, i came to the conclusion that, well i liked this guy. And, it was 7 am, and we talking but, you know we were tired so it was kinda, you know, some words here and there, but neither one of us wanting to log off.. ya we're weird. ANYWAY so, i was like, fine, i ll just write in my journal- (refering to my old site- yes i changed it after this incident). I wrote something like oh this guy is sooooooo cute and like i like him blah blah i wonder if he likes me. he asked what i was doing. i said journaling, he was like, whats the site, so i was like, blot 2 blah blah he tagged something that said 'hi' so i knew it was him and i tagged back, calling him a loser... anyway, i closed of the journal i was writting, promising to finish later, not realizing the contents of that half written entry. OMG- he read it. THEN we were on msn and he was like 'yes' i was like, yes wha-- OMG OMG OMG' i was gonna have a panic attack. He said he DID like me. Imagine what my reaction would have been if he didn't. OMG i was like- somebody just kill me now... i was blushing profusly i was so embarassed. How could i have been so stupid. Of course, i was wishing for death, but smiling idioticly at the same time... omg so... he likes me. yae for kayla.


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