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My life, according to me

well, im 16, i live in canada, and my life is VERY complicated. I like to write, but my thoughts come out of my head to fast for me to write them down, otherwise, I'd keep a regular journal. No one I know has this address, so I tell it like it is... no holding back. Hmmm i guess this is my life, eh?

Monday, July 31, 2006

i missed a few days, so i'll have to fill you in

monday, july 31, 2006

Well, i just got back to milton yesterday- i went back home for the weekend. My weekend was okay, i guess. Well, okay- this is what happened: On friday, Tanya, marck scott and me went to Canada's wonderland for the day- the ENTIRE day 10 am to 10 pm. My legs hurt SO bad! But it was okay, i guess. We went on lots of rides and went to the water park- ewe, i know ME in a bathing suit- gross, but i had to suck it up cuz it was hot and tanya made me. Any way, we all were pooped, so we decided that they'd drive me home in the morning.

Tanya said we'd leave at one, so i told you know who that id be home around 2:30, the thing is, that we ACTUALLY left around 2:30 and the 401 had SO much traffic, so i got home at 4:09. When i got home, i was like, where is everybody? CUz, well, no one was home. I had a key- so i got in okay, but still. I called my mom, but she didnt answer her phone, so i called her again, and again- not, like every 3 seconds- i called, waited 5 min, then called again. FInally, i called you know who, and i was like, okay my mom's not hime, i know im late, but i still wanna hang out, he was like 'fair enough' so i told him id call him back wen i got a hold of my mom. I was gettiing really frustrated with my mom- like really! why would someone have a cell phone- which is there for emergencies, if they never had it on? kinda defeats the purpose, dontcha think? Anyway, i called my grandma- who had alos not heard frim my mother, and said that my aunt julie was also looking for her. I was like what the hell? I had alreadys had my grandma on the phone, so i asked her what i should do: i put some moistureizer cream on my legs, and it was now burning- i tried to rince off my leg in water- but it didnt seem to help- her solution: rince my leg off with soap and water. Grandma is VERY smart.

Anyway, finally, at 5:30, my mom called me back, and was like 'what's up?' thinking there was a problem. I asked her when she'd be home, she said she didn't know, so i asked her when she could drive me over to you know who's house- omg! she was in St. Catherines aka niagra falls- which, for thoes of you who live under a rock- thats 4 hours from my house! Like, ugh! how rude. I asked what i was supposed to do, and she's all, tell him to come over here. EWE! Our house is under some major construction:­ dry wall, painting, reflooring, you name it, its being done- so i was like NO WAY, HOSEA!

SO, i called you know who back and was like, okay, my mom's in niagra falls, so, she cant drive me over- so, i dunno, i could walk, but its hot and rainy, umm, u could walk- but i wouldnt want you to do that, or, i dunno, raincheck? He told me that he'd come and pick me up- which he did (his grandma driving). Awwwww. It was kinda weird in the car, like i was nervous and smiling and blushing, and he was quite, i was like UGH! When we got to his house, we watched 'the butterfly effect' - no, we really didnt watch it, we talked through the whole thing- him inching over to me occasionaly. AHHHHH, finally, he's like en and en- gesturing that he put his arm under me, ahhhhhhh. I was like, ewe, why did u have to ASK? couldn't you like, surprise me or something?! appaently not. AWKWARD- but afterwards, its was nice. Then when that movie was over we ' watched ' 'pirates of the caribbean' - his fav movie. Again, we didnt really watch it, just talked.

When both movies were over, we decided to go out side for a bit- he wanted to 'look at the stars' lol, i kno, i kno. ?He brought a blanket for us to lay on, cuz the grass was wet from it raining today- we layed on our backs and looked at the sky, and he suggested we play truth or dare. He kept choosing dare, hoping i'd dare him to kiss me (which i never did) and i kept choosing truth, so he couldn't dare me to kiss me- moo hoo ha ha ha! Anyway, the mosquitos were really biting, so, i like, put my leg over his leg, so that he could cover my leg with his other leg, but that didn't really work. Much to my resistnce, i ended up wraping my self in the blanket, while he layed on the wet grass, awwwww. And we couldn't really, you know, so he's like 'why dont you lay on top of me' yes, i am such a whore, but it wasn't really like that. cuz we were both fully dressed- minus the shoes, plus a blanket on me. my face was like 2 inches from his face- and all my weight on him- i didn't want to squish him but nooooooo. Had to have it his way. I think he wanted to kiss me, but we never did. What do you think i am? Maybe next time. Like, okay, if i give him what he wants now- what use do i have for him later? i kno,i kno. im a smart cookie.His mom drove me home at 11- my mom was already home, but i sooo shut up so that she didnt know that i was home- yeah, it was a good night. Omg, this is a long entry- ill finish it later today.


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