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My life, according to me

well, im 16, i live in canada, and my life is VERY complicated. I like to write, but my thoughts come out of my head to fast for me to write them down, otherwise, I'd keep a regular journal. No one I know has this address, so I tell it like it is... no holding back. Hmmm i guess this is my life, eh?

Monday, July 24, 2006

im scared crapless of my new school...

know, my last entry was really vauge, but you know how it is... rapists stalkers... any way,.. school is starting soon. I'm changing schools- as i mentioned before, i'm going from a catholic, uniform wearing, Jesus worshiping school, to a public- any thing goes school. I'm nervous. I know i'm gonna try out for teams, but i don't know or cheerleading? I know i'll go out for rugby and maybe, just maybe wrestling, but the football/ cheerleading thing, i don't know. My dad thinks football, my mom thinks cheerleading. I do not have the slightest clue... I am most afraid of the cafeteria, I have seen thoes teen movies where ppl trip other ppl, and their trys go every where. Omg i think i'm gonna hypervenalate. I'm going into gr. 11, no one makes new friends in grade eleven, they make their friends in gr 9 what am i gonna do? need to think some more, l8er


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