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My life, according to me

well, im 16, i live in canada, and my life is VERY complicated. I like to write, but my thoughts come out of my head to fast for me to write them down, otherwise, I'd keep a regular journal. No one I know has this address, so I tell it like it is... no holding back. Hmmm i guess this is my life, eh?

Monday, July 24, 2006

my ex is an idoit

Here he is, telling me he loves me, hurting me, and breaking every ounce of trust i have given him. My life, omg, i can feel it falling apart. I planned to be with him, and only him, when i went to sleep, it was him i prayed for and wished for, and now? who do i have but myself ( im not that bad but, still!) I can laugh about it now, well i laugh and then start to cry. Soon, though, i'll get there.


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