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My life, according to me

well, im 16, i live in canada, and my life is VERY complicated. I like to write, but my thoughts come out of my head to fast for me to write them down, otherwise, I'd keep a regular journal. No one I know has this address, so I tell it like it is... no holding back. Hmmm i guess this is my life, eh?

Monday, July 24, 2006

omg- boys are STILL stupid

Next boy: Colton. Definately not cool or attractive, but very sweet. Why do these guys like me? They think i'm something i'm not. You know that toxic song- by britney spears? Maybe I am like, poisioning them, omg, i should be in prision! Any way, this boy is also in the school that I'm leaving. so the whole long distance thing, plus i don't like him enough to kiss him, so it's obviously not going to work, but how do i say that? How do i say 'Colton, you're absolutely repulsive and i think that if you kissed me, i would vomit in my mouth, so i think we should stay friends' in a nice way? See i'm not good with this kinda stuff... Maybe i should just pretend i died, he'll never know the difference... OR ... tell him i'm really a... goat. OMG. What am i going to do? I really don't want to hurt his feelings, but i really don't want to go out with him.


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